RealCold™ Soft Ice Bag

The Coho Outdoors RealCold™ Soft Ice Bag is engineered with thoughtful craftsmanship, air tight zippers and NASA grade climate control. The Real Cold Ice Bag combines  super dense 30mm insulation with military grade assembly which obviously keeps stuff real cold. 

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RealCold™ Soft Ice Bag

Dimensions & Specifications

Inside 13 1/10″ x 10 4/5″ x 13 4/5″
Empty Weight .7 LBS

RealCold™ Soft Ice Bag

This portable soft cooler has an airtight zipper seal that keeps your stuff RealCold™. Yes, RealCold™ and Rugged, like the outdoors.

Technology & Specifications

Its RealCold™, Coho Outdoors  Soft Ice Bag

  • HardSkin™  Outer

    The Coho RealCold™ Soft Ice Bag is made with high density water proof composite and reinforced with double stitched grips

  • RealCold™ Insulation

    Closed Circuit Foam interlocking and airtight insulation

  • RuggedStitch™ Assembly

    Every Stitch over every inch is designed to keep your stuff RealCold™

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