Coho Outdoors Begins with Adventure

How We Got Started

As a child I spent many a summer with my grandparents on their ranch in California. My grandfather loved to hunt, ride and fish.  I remember the first trout I caught down the creek .  I have so many great memories of long hot days outdoors on any kind of outdoor adventure we could find.  I also remember my grandfather continuously complaining about the coolers we used.  They’d never last the trip, they could never be relied on to be reused.  My dad alway used to complain about the coolers too.  The problem was basic, you couldn’t buy any type of cooler built tough to take the knocks you’d expect on a fishing trip, hunting trip or just a bonfire on the beach with my buddies.

Throughout life I’ve prided myself on making the right choices, investing in the right areas in life.  I’ve come to rely upon quality, you get what you pay for in life.  When my son was born, it reminded me of all the great times I spent outdoors and I wanted to recreate those memories for my family.  I also wanted to fix the cooler problem.


So  I developed the first prototype for the Extreme 55 Quart cooler.  I wanted my cooler to last a lifetime – basically hold up trip after trip after trip after trip.  That’s right, a cooler that goes with you for life, not one you just throw away.  Once we had the prototype,  I wanted to test its durability with real people in real situations.  So we did and guess what it survived trip after trip after trip.


after some years in the making  we’re launching our Extreme 55 and our Soft Cooler Ice Bag.  This is the first in our product line of items fit to survive the great outdoors.