Extreme™ 55 Hard Cooler

The Coho Outdoors Extreme™ 55 is our flagship hard cooler big enough for a tailgate party and tough enough for the rugged outdoors. – industrial grade construction with ExtremeCold™ Insulation. This cooler will keep your food and drinks ice cold for days, even in extreme heat.

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Coho Outdoors

Dimensions & Specifications

Outside 15 7/8″ x 17 1/4″ x 27 5/8″
Inside 12 3/8″ x 12 3/4″ 22 1/2″
Empty Weight 25.4 LBS

Extremely Cold Coolers

Did we forget to mention that the Extreme 55 is Rugged? Yup it is and even in blistering heat, you can get out and after it for the weekend and make it home with the same ice you started with

Technology & Specifications

The Extreme™ 55 is jam packed with the latest cutting edge specs. Our team of smart people built the Extreme™ 55 as the coldest roughest cooler on the planet. Our PressMold™ assembly process makes the Extreme™ 55 almost indestructible.

  • ThickWall™ Design

    Build with ThickWall™ extra thick and rugged construction

  • ExtremeCold™ Insulation

    Pressure-injected heavy polyurethane foam in the walls keeps everything RealCold™

  • PressMold™ Construction

    makes the Extreme 55 almost indestructible

Coho OutdoorsLight animated Logo
Coho OutdoorsLight animated Logo

Additional Features

  • TightLock™ LID LATCHES

    Heavy-duty rubber latches are made with patented technology so you’ll never see another busted latch.

  • Beefy™ Lid Latches

    these lid latches are built strong and rugged like is supposed to be

  • NeverFail™ Hinge System

    Double Groove hinge system keeps the extreme 55 airtight

  • TightLock™ LID System

    Creates a form-fitting barrier against the heat.

  • SuperLock™ GASKETS

    The SuperLock™  gasket fits extra snug keeping all the goodies ice cold

  • EasyGrip HANDLES

    Stay out of the way and make carrying your catch seem less of a chore.

  • BigGrip™ Handles

    Real thick grip so you can man handle your Extreme 55

  • Swirlout™ DRAIN SYSTEM

    Leak proof and durable drain that empties all the water out quick

  • BigFoot™ foot grips 

    We built the extreme 55 with big and stick feet so the cooler doesn’t slide

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